So, prior to my maternity leave with Belle I was a full time funeral director.

I'm still in the funeral industry just part time now.

It's a beautiful, rewarding and very humbling job.

An odd path to choose, I know. But one I'm very pleased to be on and continue to be part of.

Having a funeral, celebration of life, memorial etc... is very important for the grieving process. 

As a celebrant I can be the voice for you and your family. A helping hand and a shoulder to lean on.

Much like Weddings, funerals can be as traditional as you wish, or as unique as your loved one.

- Music is a wonderful element, whether that be their favourite song or live music to share their love of a particular instrument or style of music.

- Photographs/DVDs, are magical and are a great way to compile moments of your loved ones life; to look back and smile.

- Butterfly or Dove releases, make for symbolic representation of how your loved one is now free from illness or any struggles they may have had during their either long... or short life.

- Hobbies that your friend or family member were part of. Memorabilia, Trophies, Collectors items... Bring them along for the day. They are beautiful things to include as these are the things that were important to them. 

- Family Pet, they are part of the family too. You may even notice their behavouir change once their loved one has passed. Check with the funeral director if the location supports this, but bringing along a beloved pet is definitely possible.

There are many ways to make one of your hardest days, a little easier and one you can look back on and smile.

"Thank you very much for being so helpful & caring in the preparation of our service and on the day for your loving delivery of the life of Colin. You made a sad, difficult time so much easier."

- Liz & Len Whitney

It is truly an honour to be chosen and be part of final farewells

(or 'see you laters')

This is a very important time and I take the role to be the spokesperson for the family and your loved one very seriously. 

If you have any questions please contact me. It would be a privilege to be a voice for your loved one and your family.

If you have experienced a loss, old or new; you may find these groups helpful.


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